TOB Tuesday: A Person’s Rightful Due

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“[T]o be just always means giving to others what is rightly due to them. A person’s rightful due is to be treated as an object of love, not as an object for use.” -John Paul II, Love and Responsibility p. 42 See: Human Beings as Objects of Use: Part I, Part II, Part III TOB Tuesdays

TOB Tuesday: The Body Doesn’t Lie

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Msgr. Charles Pope has a masterful post on the language of the human body and the many lies our culture tries to speak through or about it: One of the great errors of our day is the implicit rejection of the truth that our bodies have something to tell us about who we are and what we are called to … Read More

Quick Takes: Love, Marriage, Sex

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Ok, there are a few things I’ve been wanting to post on for the past week. Since they’re all related to love, marriage and sex, I thought I’d throw them all together in one post instead of trying to make separate posts out of each of them. 1. Andrew Haines has a good post at Ethika Politika on Dealing with … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Making Love

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Brian Killian has an excellent article up at Catholic Exchange taking a look at the romanticized Hollywood “love” scenes and how we typically view the act of sexual intercourse today: Remember the older Hollywood love scenes? A man and woman are wrapped in each other’s arms in front of gently billowing curtains and moonlight as they tenderly and lovingly kiss … Read More

For Better, Safer Sex

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Want a really “spiced up” sex life? Wait till you have a ring on your finger (wedding, not engagement) and invite God into your bedroom. It’s also much safer and healthier this way! —– I got this image from Robert Colquhoun’s blog Love Undefiled

TOB Tuesday: The Mystery of Sex and Love

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Brendan Roberts has a great Theology of the Body primer up at Catholic Exchange: Sexual messages are thrust upon us almost everywhere we turn. The sexual content of most television programs are helping to form the morals of the young generation especially. Therefore there are constant themes of making marital infidelity, sex divorced from covenantal relationships, contraception, active homosexuality, lying, … Read More

TOB Tuesday: The Trinity and the Heart of Marriage

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This Sunday Catholics celebrated the feast of the holy Trinity, three Persons in one God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – existing in an eternal exchange of love. From all eternity the Father makes himself a gift to the Son and the Son receives this gift and makes Himself a gift back to the Father in return. This love … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Homosexuality

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Since Congress is considering repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell this week – possibly by Thursday – I thought this was a good subject for today’s TOB Tuesday post. In a column for Catholic Exchange’s Theology of the Body Channel, Robert Colquhoun explains the Church’s teaching on homosexuality while respecting the sensitivities of those afflicted with same sex attraction: There has … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Human Beings as Objects of Use Pt. III

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Wow, I totally missed this one! In two previous TOB Tuesday posts last year (!!) I pointed out a 3 part series of columns by Dale O’Leary at Catholic Exchange answering the challenge posed to traditional sexual morality by the “Sexual Revolutionaries” of the last thirty years. After coming across these posts in a recent archive search I noticed that … Read More

TOB Tuesday: A Good Summary

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Here’s a good video with Christopher West explaining the Theology of the Body for Pure Passion TV Christopher West, Theology of the Body, Pt 1 S2E9 from Pure Passion on Vimeo. Click here for part II. I’m not exactly sure what Pure Passion is, but I don’t think it’s Catholic – which is pretty awesome. This February West presented the … Read More