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I finally got around to watching The Human Experience, which I’ve had at home from Netflix for about two months now! Very well done, wonderful movie about finding meaning in life and having a reason for living. I’ll have more thoughts on it in the coming week, but for now, it made me think of this meditation I came across recently from the March 2009 volume of Magnificat:

Our life is not an invention, but rather a gift from God, who had the courage trust in us so much that He placed the gift of life, the gift of existence, into our hands, and gave us all the necessary tools to live it well. Maybe we have not yet taken into consideration this initiative of God and many times we think we are simply born because our parents wanted us or, in any case, for natural or human motives. This is confirmed by the fact that there are people who do not want to live, who stop at the exterior and never taste the fruit of life … Overall, we must convince ourselves that God wanted to give to you, to me, to everyone the gift of life. It is a gift to discover, to receive, to protect, and to love. If we do not discover this in ourselves, we do not even know how to welcome or defend the life of others, of our children, or of those whom we say we love …

It is a big lie to believe that life is just an accident or even that it is ours! Life is a gift from God, born from his heart, which is Love. It is a gift that we must begin to unwrap like when we receive a package and out of curiosity we desire to know what is inside. We want to know the reason for this gift that will surely make us happy. No one can enter into the heart of our life for us. It is a personal journey … Everyone loves the life that we can see, feel, and touch, but life is not only that which belongs to us. It is Someone else. We are from Someone who takes care of us and wants us to discover the flavor of life, because he knows that only in this way we can be truly happy.

Mother Elvira Petrozzi is foundress of Comunità Cenacolo, welcoming the lost and desperate in forty fraternities in thirteen countries.

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