President Obama Ironically Defends the Lives of Children

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This really is a clever little promo.

Last month, after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, CT, President Obama, Mr. Abortion, himself, unwittingly gave probably one of the best pro-life statements by any president in modern history. Let’s pray that someday he pays attention to even his own words.

9 Comments on “President Obama Ironically Defends the Lives of Children”

  1. Comparisons of speeches by Senator Obama in 2005-2008 to President Obama in more recent years show a remarkable lack of consistency.
    If he isn’t embarrassed by self-contradictions on matters like deficit and budget, why would he notice more subtle contradictions like “reverence for human life” in one context and advocacy of abortion up to those babies delivered alive as a result of failed abortions?
    Prayer for him may be a reasonable response. Expectations of consistency are very low.

  2. Immediately saw/heard the hypocrisy in his response to the horrible killing of these poor innocent children and absolutely no response to the, is it 56 million now, aborted babies since Roe v Wade, and the horrible way they are aborted (butchered alive in the womb). Go figure: He’s an educated lawyer. Even the most educated can be ignorant of the value of life, apparently. How he ever became President of this country is beyond me (except to conclude thousands of Americans are similarly ignorant and hypocritical towards the value of life), and a tragedy for the unborn. Pray that the hypocrisy and ignorance change in him and all those in his Administration who hold the same ignorance. What is it that they don’t see about protecting babies? This MUST be first priority always.

  3. The hypocracy of this pro-abortion president resounds loudly in every pro-life individual. I mourn for the parents who lost their beautiful little children. This teaches us all to appreciate our children and how each one is so precious.
    Our teachers need to be able to defend their classroom
    and we must realize these deranged people will not go where concealed weapons are permitted.
    I have decided not to go to establishments who do not allow conceal carry. It is better for a responsible person to have a gun than someone who mentally does not see right from wrong.

  4. He contradicts himself because he lacks a core. He will say whatever needs to be said at the moment to satisfy his out of control narcissism…and because of that I believe he doesn’t ever know what he says nor will ever realize what he said that day. I continue to pray for our nation.

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