Planned Parenthood is Guilty of “GENERATION”cide

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Recently UCLA students ran a gotcha undercover investigation which exposed several idiot PP employees happily accepting donations to be specially earmarked for the abortion of a black child. Today Fox News reports that a group of black pastors held a vigil and a press conference in front of PP in D.C., accusing PP of “genocide on the black community.”

Clearly the racist undertones present at the founding of PP still exist today, but let’s not forget that PP is an equal opportunity destroyer. Just as the holocaust of Nazi Germany wasn’t just about exterminating Jews, though they did make up the largest number of deaths, for the founder of PP, the promotion of abortion and contraception was not just about race. It was about the “fit” vs. the “unfit”. It was about eliminating a number of “undesirables” that they deemed were not fit to live or breed. In fact, for Margaret Sanger, it had more to do with class, health and intelligence than anything else. While I certainly sympathize with those in the black community and I’m glad to see them recognizing the disproportionately large number of abortions among black women, this is not an ethnic issue, this is a human issue that transcends ethnicity.

Almost 50 MILLION children have been aborted since 1973. Today we continue to abort almost 4,000 babies every day. These children are black, white, hispanic, indian, chinese, boys, girls, disabled… PP and the abortion industry is not merely guilty of the “genocide” of the black community, but has been systematically responsible for killing roughly one fourth to one third of our entire generation.

American Life League has the best motto:


You will not silence my message
You will not mock my God
You will stop killing my generation

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