Elegant, Modest, Lovely – THAT DRESS!!

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I didn’t watch a second of the royal wedding or any of the coverage on TV, but I did check out some photos online this morning and I am absolutely loving the elegant, modest and just lovely wedding dress that Kate wore (click image to enlarge)! And check out her sister and maid of honor, Phillipa (see front shot here). Randy Fenoli, Fashion Director for Say Yes to the Dress said, “She absolutely nailed it” and, the only man who’s opinion really matters, told his stunning bride, “You look beautiful.” American girls, take note, you and your bridesmaids can still be beautiful while keeping yourselves covered!


I second the prayer that modest fashion blogger Rebecca Christian said on twitter: Oh please Jesus, let Kate bring sleeves back.

Do be sure to read the sermon from the Anglican Bishop of London, which Katherine Jean Lopez called “an ode to Christian marriage and family life.” And, for all the pomp and circumstance, KJL noted of the Christian wedding in general: “it’s all complicated&imperfect, as we are,but it’s a gift2have so many–& media–eyes internationally fixed on things eternal.” Well, lets pray that Wills and Kate – who were “shaking up” before getting married – payed attention, at least.

Speaking of things eternal – don’t forget, the beatification of JP II is this Sunday! See first images of his tomb being moved from the grottoes.

2 Comments on “Elegant, Modest, Lovely – THAT DRESS!!”

  1. Ah now I know why my coworkers were talking about wedding dresses. Odd thing was, they both lamented the utter lack of non-sleeveless dresses. When my friend got married, she wanted a dress with sleeves, but all {two} of them were hideously ugly. I’m not sure it’s the brides who are driving this scandalous trend.

    I think her sister’s dress could have used a little lace where it dipped low, that would have looked nice and a bit more modest – and would have complemented her sisters lace top.

  2. WOW!!! finally some sense in life…i always wondered who said wedding dresses have to be sleeveless!!! The one thing that was most striking about that wedding was the elegant dress…She was very beautiful and feminine…something we should all emulate

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