“Big IVF”

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Wesley Smith nails it:

Big IVF–for that is what it has become, a rich and politically powerful industry–objectifies human beings and distorts familial and other relationships in the name of making babies. It objectifies women as egg farms and womb leasing merchants. It objectifies embryos as a culling often happens sorting out the fit from the unfit (however that might be defined in the circumstances) and putting hundreds of thousands into the deep freeze where they are now looked upon as mere natural resources, ripe for the harvest. Coming soon, perhaps, generic engineering and capacities or aesthetic enhancements to ensure that the baby that is born is the baby that the parents want.

It objectifies fetuses, as some are “selectively reduced,” that is aborted, as being in excess of need or health. It objectifies surrogates who might be paid by rich foreigners–even in America–to produce babies for them, never to see the child they nurtured again. These women have even had the name used to describe their role objectified, from “birth mother” to “gestational carrier.” It can objectify babies and children as familial relationships can get very confused and real fathers and mothers may be lost in confidentiality. It has led to a sense of entitlement to be a parent, no matter the circumstances, opening the door women the age of grandmothers giving birth and a milieu of anything chaos, as in Octomom. In other words, in addition to joy, which it has brought to many loving people, IVF has also caused tremendous pain and profound familial disruption.

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Unlike “big oil”, “big ag” and the other so-called “big” “evils” of the world today, “big IVF” really is inherently evil. Not many are willing to admit it because of the perceived good it does helping infertile couples to have children. After all, how can it be wrong to try to bring life into the world?? But, IVF has turns the creation of a new human being into something that more resembles a science experiment than the act of love that it is meant to be and thus is contrary to the dignity of the child, the dignity of the spouses and their relationship, and Man’s status as a creature.

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  1. The “right” to IVF, like the “right” to abortion, is simply presumed and asserted by man. The whole mentality is one giant self-annihilating mess. Man acts as though he can account for his own existence, rather than accepting his finitude and the beautiful natural order in which he finds himself.

    The Church rightfully recognizes that true freedom is that which respects the inherent dignity of *every* human life.

    Have a blessed Holy Week.


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