TOB Tuesday: The Task of Every Man and Woman

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Christ – who in the Sermon on the Mount gives his own interpretation of the commandment “You shall not commit adultery”…assigns the dignity of every woman as a task to every man; at the same time (although this conclusion follows only indirectly from the text) he assigns also the dignity of every man to every woman. -JP II, TOB 100:6

Of course, each of us are responsible for defending our own dignity by the way we dress, think, speak and act, but we do have a duty to uphold the dignity of our brothers and sisters in Christ as well, even if they do not respect themselves enough to treat their own bodies with dignity.

One Comment on “TOB Tuesday: The Task of Every Man and Woman”

  1. That’s the beauty of interpersonal relations. Man is responsible for affirming the dignity of his neighbor, and in so doing he reveals his own dignity. That’s what Christ teaches us, most especially from the cross. We live in a world of individualism and indifference that just doesn’t get it.

    God bless you.

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