Mother Angelica on Love and Marriage

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The couple that prays together, stays together.

Supernatural Love is what enables you to keep loving your spouse or your children or your best friend when at the moment you are hard pressed to find anything lovable about them It allows you to keep in mind that everyday annoyances that can drive you crazy – the unmade bed, the car left on empty, the squeezing of the toothpaste tube in the middle, the monopolizing of the TV’s remote control – are small items in the overall scope of things. How? By making you aware that love is a decision, not just a feeling, and that you can decide to love as God loves – freely and endlessly.

Supernatural Love is the kind of love that keeps marriages vibrant, families solid, friendships strong. It’s the kind of love that inspires Christians to true acts of kindness and charity. Supernatural Love doesn’t judge or ask questions. It simply gives.

-Mother Angelia Answers, Not Promises (p. 39)

This is why Marriage is a Sacrament.

Msgr. Charles Pope recently had some great marriage advice.

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