Have a Safe and Relaxing Labor Day!

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nullI hope all of you have been enjoying this Labor Day weekend. It has been a nice weekend here. Football season started(!) and my sisters have been home from school. It’s going to be a pretty laid back day in the Zimmerman house. The girls are leaving this afternoon so we’re just going to grill some hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch before they leave. I hope everyone else enjoys this little break as well! The only downfall of this holiday for me is that it means Fall and colder temperatures are on the way.

Here is some reading for your lazy Labor Day:

  • Nathan Sheets writes about Julia Gorin who was almost aborted in Soviet-era Russia and is now a pro-life advocate.
    Julia’s website
    Julia’s blog

    British MPs want to make it faster and easier for women to get early abortions without a doctor’s approval.

    Some ignorant letters to the editor/editorials
    A Columbia MO professor writes in the Columbia Missourian calling supporters of the effort to ban cloning “insurgents” and “anarchists, who oppose everything represented by our state and national governments.” Meanwhile these “anarchists” are proceeding in the same manner to amend the constitution as the group who supported Amendment 2, which he supported.

    A Seattle liberal moves to Chicago and is “overwhelmed by the incredible bureaucracy that exists in Illinois and amazed at how many people here want to control how others live and think.” She continues with some really ridiculous claims (nothing new, of course); the government can’t tell a woman what to do with her body, a fetus isn’t a child, if men got pregnant abortion would be a God-given right etc… But this takes the cake:

    And if the Right wants to save fetuses so they can be born, grow up to be soldiers, and fight and die young in wars created for imagined threats to the U.S., then perhaps they would be more comfortable living in a culture where the church is the state, as in Muslim countries.

  • Have a great day!

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