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As a single person myself, I really enjoyed this column from Theology of the Body speaker Katrina Zeno on being single in a “couple’s world”

Sex dominates movies, teen magazines, television sit-coms, romance novels, and pop music. A statistic taken from the Center for Population Options and quoted by CareNet in a fund-raising letter I received last fall left me speechless (well, actually, I was livid): A typical teenager sees about 14,000 sexual encounters through the entertainment media in a year.

We’re awash in “couples” garbage. While I was struggling to pay bills and teach my son the “Our Father” and “Hail Mary,” coupleness and contraception came of age. It’s now “normal” for two people to live together out of wedlock. It’s now “normal” for high school boys and girls to discuss their sex lives. And it’s now “normal” for first or second dates to turn into sexual encounters. Contraception hasn’t just unleashed its infertile poison on the sexual act; it’s rendered marriage irrelevant.

So where does that leave me as a single person without a “partner,” or even a boyfriend?

Read more for her advice to singles on how to handle the constant pressure to “couple up”.

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