Pro-Abortion Protesters Act Like Idiots

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During what was supposed to be a presentation by the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform hosted by Choose Life McGill who hoped to encourage “respectful dialogue”, pro-abortion protesters “respectfully” make their case by shouting “LEAVE NOW!”, “we don’t wanna hear your side!” and “f**k off!” and then breaking out in children’s songs. This is video 1 of 19 (h/t Big Blue Wave):

A description of the events that took place for over 2 hours:

As the presentation began, protesters shouted and sang children’s songs. They then crowded around the now vacant podium (Mr. Ruba having absconded) and continued signing for the better part of an hour, at which point police arrived. Two protesters were taken, but many were left behind. When the police left, they resumed and disrupted the presentation (which had fitfully resumed) until the two hour mark, at which point event organizers were informed by campus officials that time had run out and the room had to be closed for the night.

Protesters then filed out, along with most of the audience. A police officer showed up again, answering some questions for the campus media.

11 Comments on “Pro-Abortion Protesters Act Like Idiots”

  1. OK, I could only take about a minute of that.

    Of course, the irony is that these are the kind of people who accuse OTHERS of intolerance.

    Yeah, they support “choice” alright — as long as your choice doesn’t involve politely stating an opinion they don’t care for.

  2. Next time, he should bring his own friendly security. They try to deny him his freedom of speech; his security physically throws them off the stage. It’s really not that complicated.

  3. Proaborts singing children’s songs? Bit of sad irony to that, i.e. baby killers singing the songs of their victims.

  4. “…at least the protesters at McGill didn’t shoot anyone, as right-to-life protesters like to do.”

    A good example of what happens when children have unsupervised access to a computer.

  5. Counterstrike, did you happen to miss the story about the anti-abortion activist being shot and killed in Michigan?

  6. (*sigh*) Trolls never go out of season, it seems… nor do they bone up on logic, between bridge-hauntings.

    Bob and Chelsea y’all are heroes for stomaching even a minute (much less a whole video) of that! Ech…

  7. Due to the violent nature of his last comment (not posted), OC has been blocked from future comments on this blog. Not wishing to stifle dissent, I have tried to be patient and allow as many of his comments as I could – aware that his only goal was to antagonize rather than engage in any intelligent conversation – but that comment was the last straw. I welcome comments from differing points of view, but I will not allow this blog to be used to promote violence against any person or group. I thank the many readers from both sides who have offered thoughtful, polite and productive comments and I welcome many more of the same.

    OC, I wish you well and will keep you in my prayers. I urge all my readers to do the same.

  8. Their behavior was shameless. Did the other people in the room have no rights?

    This reminds me of ACTUP storming into St. Patrick’s Cathedral during Mass to pelt the congregation with condoms. And the irony of singing children’s songs!

    Years ago I saw in New Orleans the local pro-life bumper sticker—“Your Mama was Pro-Life, Dawlin!” Even of such as these.

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