Born Alive Infant Left to Die in FL

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The AP today has a report on a 23-week old fetus surviving an attempted abortion only to be placed in a biohazard bag and left to die:

Eighteen and pregnant, Sycloria Williams went to an abortion clinic outside Miami and paid $1,200 for Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique to terminate her 23-week pregnancy.

Three days later, she sat in a reclining chair, medicated to dilate her cervix and otherwise get her ready for the procedure.

Only Renelique didn’t arrive in time. According to Williams and the Florida Department of Health, she went into labor and delivered a live baby girl.

What Williams and the Health Department say happened next has shocked people on both sides of the abortion debate: One of the clinic’s owners, who has no medical license, cut the infant’s umbilical cord. Williams says the woman placed the baby in a plastic biohazard bag and threw it out.

Apart from being appalled at such utter brutality towards an innocent child, you might also be wondering what kind of “medical emergency” merited such an abortion on a presumably healthy and likely viable fetus in the first place? You know, cuz I consistently hear from abortion rights advocates that abortions are only done later in pregnancy when there is a serious threat to the mother’s life or “health.” According to the AP report the 18 year old decided she needed to get an abortion because she, “didn’t have the resources or maturity to raise a child.” Yeah, that sounds real serious health problem to me…

The state Board of Medicine will review this case to determine whether to strip Renelique’s license. The state attorney’s homicide division is investigating the case as well.

2 Comments on “Born Alive Infant Left to Die in FL”

  1. Take note of the headline AP’s editors put on this story: “Florida Dr. Investigated in Badly Botched Abortion.” What abortion? That may have been the intent, but this was a live birth followed by a cold-blooded murder.

    It’s provides a telling insight into the way the media approaches this issue when births are labeled “botched abotions.” I suppose the mother’s intent extends even beyond womb — except when it doesn’t, in this case.

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