Virtual Abortion Holocaust Memorial

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Georgia Right to Life has launched a virtual memorial wall to remember the almost 50 MILLION unborn children murdered since the legalization of abortion in America. It was inspired by the Vietnam Memorial which, with 58,000 names, is 500 feet long. According to this story, a similar wall displaying all of the abortion victim’s names would measure 81 miles in length! These numbers are mind blowing and the fact that such murder is legal in our country is unacceptable.

The goal of the abortion memorial is to remember each individual victim of abortion by granting them an identity and providing an epitaph, thereby personalizing their loss. Many of the names already on the wall have come from post abortive parents. Visit: to watch a short video and remember a victim. Proceeds from the project will be used to air Personhood ads.

Also, visit Christina’s Real Choice blog to remember the many women who have died from abortion, yes, even legal ones.

Post abortion resources:

Project Rachel
or any of these other support and recovery groups – includes some for men

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