I Love These Blogs (and You Should Too)

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    I Love Your Blog Award

Very humble thanks to Regular Guy Paul (whose blog I love) for tagging me with the “I Love Your Blog Award” last week. Since October is Respect Life Month I thought I’d award some blogs specifically dedicated to life issues and bioethics that have become great resources for me.

Check them out:

Second Hand Smoke – anyone at all interested in bioethics must start here.
Mary Meets Dolly
Life Ethics.org
The Human Future
Human Life Matters – a triplegic with advanced multiple sclerosis, Mark Pickup has beautiful reflections on the gift of life and suffering

And because it’s hard to have respect for life without respecting the act intended to create life, check out these blogs dedicated to spreading the word about Theology of the Body:

The New View on Sex
Rise of the TOB
The Great Deception – Jenny writes wonderful reflections that would make anyone fall in love with TOB. Many of them are published on the TOB “Channel” at Catholic Exchange. Some must reads for this Respect Life Month:
Contracepting Reality
Modest is…Hottest?
Sex and the City (of God)
With My Body, I Thee Fool
Seeing is Believing: Depersonalization by Sexualization

One Comment on “I Love These Blogs (and You Should Too)”

  1. I am speechless… thank you. I love your blog too, keep up the incredible work, and know that you are in my prayers!

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