Convention Bound!

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nrlc-conv.pngToday I’m headed up to Louisville, KY to attend the annual National Right to Life Convention.

I’m looking forward to several of the workshops on end of life issues and am especially interested in Friday’s general session on Bioethics War On Humans featuring Wesley Smith and a few other folks from the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics.

I attended the NRL convention a few years ago when it was it Jacksonville, FL. Below are a couple of videos I shot and uploaded from two of the workshops I attended. Both deal with end of life issues.

First, Burke Balch J.D. answers the question: When is it Appropriate to Provide or Withhold Livesaving Medical Treatment? from a Catholic perspective mostly based on the writings of St. John Paul II:

Balch is the director of National Right to Life’s Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics. He also gave an excellent presentation on the danger of legal assisted suicide and the hypocrisy of the “right to die” movement.

Both run a little over 30 minutes each, but they’re well worth your time.

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