The War on Humans

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For several years now, Wesley Smith has been warning that the animal rights movement is one of the greatest threats in our day to the dignity of the human person.

war-on-humans.jpgThis was the topic of his 2010 book A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement. This month he released a new book on the subject called The War on Humans.

From the book’s description:

The environmental movement has helped produce significant improvements in the world around us—from cleaner air to the preservation of natural wonders such as Yellowstone. But in recent years, environmental activists have arisen who regard humans as Public Enemy #1. In this provocative e-book, Wesley J. Smith exposes efforts by radical activists to reduce the human population by up to 90% and to grant legal rights to animals, plants, and Mother Earth. Smith argues that the ultimate victims of this misanthropic crusade will be the poorest and most vulnerable among us, and he urges us to defend both human dignity and the natural environment before it is too late.

Smith’s book is actually a companion book to the Discovery Institute’s 30 minute documentary of the same name:

I think John G. West, author of Darwin Day in America summed it up quite well, “Our view of the human person — whether we’re unique or not — is important to us not just personally, in our own sense of meaning, but to whether we’re going to have a compassionate society.”

“Part of human exceptionalism,” says Smith, “is that only we have duties.” “If we see ourselves as just another animal in the forrest, that’s precisely how we’ll act.”

The War on Humans book can be ordered, in all its forms, through:

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  1. After reading “The Population Bomb” in sixth grade, I felt so guilty about wanting a large family that I convinced myself I would adopt all my kids so I wouldn’t hurt the planet.
    Forty years and three biological children later, I realize how many people from my generation forward swallowed this nonsense. Its the biggest lie perpetuated by the educational establishment in human history.

  2. You get crazies in every group. Sure, there are environmentalists who think there should be no humans, just as there are pro-lifers who think it’s ok to kill abortionists. Don’t think the idea is wrong even though there are people on the fringe who do bad things or espouse bad ideas.

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