Enlightening Interview With Egg Donor Recruiter

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eggsploitation.pngAfter seeing their Eggsploitation documentary, a former egg donor recruiter came forward and agreed to talk to the Center for Bioethics and Culture about her experience working for 18 years with a leading fertility center in the United States. It’s an interesting look into the industry.

An excerpt:

The last few years was all about pleasing the recipients who were using egg donors. We stopped taking care of donors, but choosing donors based on their ‘select ability’. Our clinic didn’t want to waste time and resources on donors who weren’t going to be chosen, or wouldn’t produce a good quantity of eggs, but focused on girls who would be picked and produce many eggs. It weighed heavy on my mind that people wanted ‘designer babies’ — not that they just wanted a baby, but that they wanted a particular kind of baby. It wasn’t that we stopped ‘taking care’ of the donors, but in my opinion, they were viewed as employees who were contracted and paid to perform a service. It also weighed heavily on my mind that your so called ‘average’ woman wasn’t good enough anymore.

Read the whole thing and when you get some time, also check out An IVF Change of Heart.

While we’re praying for an end to abortion and the conversion of abortionists and abortion facility workers, let’s also remember to pray for an end to the commodification of men, women and children through IVF and for the conversion of those who manufacture and destroy life in IVF clinics and science labs all over the world.

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