World’s Most Famous Fetus

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The most popular person on Facebook today hasn’t even been born yet. In order to keep their family and friends updated on their first pregnancy, an Australian couple joined the social networking group. Instead of putting their profile in either, or both, of the couple’s names, they turned it into a profile for their unborn child – “Bubba” – using … Read More

More Stem Cell Research Whining in MO

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I find it amazing that, in a state which guarantees researchers a constitutional right to conduct ESC research and create and destroy human embryos for scientific research, supporters of such research can still find something to complain about. The NY Times ran this article last week about how the cloning amendment passed last year has changed very little in the … Read More

These People Really Are Fooling Themselves

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Or, more accurately, they are trying to fool the rest of us: SoCons For Rudy Jay Anderson nailed it: If they were TRULY either social conservatives or pro-lifers, they would NOT support Rudy. They have other priorities completely unrelated to building a culture of life. Visit my Giuliani archive

Praying and Picketing at Planned Parenthood

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Here I am with the same group of kids that help me out downtown on the 4th of July. We went to Columbia, MO last Friday to picket the Planned Parenthood there. It’s something we used to do on a fairly regular basis, but haven’t in quite some time. We do hope to pick up the pace again in the … Read More

“A Person is a Person No Matter How Small”

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That famous pro-life mantra, adopted from the late Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who, will be heard on the big screen next March (HT: Pro-Life With Christ). It’s a re-write of the original, but I hope they leave that now famous phrase in there! Here is a trailer: You can also watch the original animated version from 1970 on You … Read More

Contraception Videos

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If you haven’t been on You Tube lately you might want to check out some of their videos about contraception. I have always thought there was something wrong with taking medication when there is nothing physically wrong with you. Fertility is not a disease or condition that requires medical attention. Ovulation, and even pregnancy, is a normal, healthy part of … Read More

More on Ron Paul and Life

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Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has been pretty popular on this blog. I did one post last month on his pro-life position and was impressed with the positive feedback I got from it – more than anything I’ve done on another candidate, including Brownback. So I thought those readers would appreciate this video of Paul speaking at this years National … Read More

Adult Stem Cell Treatments Better Than Dying

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Here is a PR Newswire release about Thailand’s stem cell company, Theravitae, using adult stem cells in heart disease patients – a better alternative, they say, to death or transplant. More stem cell news: Amyloidosis Patients who received stem cell transplants have been found to be surviving long term: The findings appear pre-published in the first edition of Blood. BUMC … Read More

Giuliani and Adoption

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When asked about abortion in yesterday’s Presidential debate Rudy Giuliani referred to, as he frequently does, the need to emphasize adoption as an abortion alternative. This is something that pro-lifers have always supported, but many of Rudy’s adoption claims leave questions that need to be answered. First is his claim that adoption number rose during his time as mayor of … Read More

Family Welcomes 17th Child

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Speaking of large families, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of Arkansas have welcomed child no. 17 into the world yesterday and they see no reason to stop there. “We’d love to have more,” Michelle said, referring to baby girls. “We love the ruffles and lace.”… “We are just so grateful to God for another gift from him,” said Jim Bob … Read More